“Get proximate,
change the narrative,
stay hopeful,
be uncomfortable.”

-Bryan Stevenson




Dear You,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have thought endlessly about how to introduce myself to you through technology. This work I am presenting to you is a culmination of my past and present self as an artist, designer, and musician. With that said, I must remind myself that we are all beyond what we choose to curate online.

I am an aunty of two wonderful humans, a daughter of immigrant parents, and a sister to two inspiring brothers and the most patient sister-in-law anyone could ever ask for. I am a descendant to my late grandmother, Sara Ammachi, who was a midwife and village elder in the beautiful state of Kerala, India. I have a dog named Fudge and together we raised our cat, Albert, who is a lifetime member of the Society for North American Polydactyl Felines (SNAPF).

I will close by just adding that I love cooking, love playing soccer, and love the communities I am a part of. And I hope that one day our paths will cross so I can get to know you and your “beyonds,” too.


Joyce Kutty